Cross-Sector Partnerships – Mining & Desalination

Having started my career with a Fortune 500 commodities company, I find great joy in working with various parts of the supply chain and sharing ideas. A number of my commodity trader friends went from physical product traders to paper traders and now in process to take over their family business, start their own shop … More Cross-Sector Partnerships – Mining & Desalination

Cross-Sector Partnerships – Airlines & Red Cross

Over the past few months, American Red Cross (ARC) kept popping up on my radar. I respect the work they do. I also understand some of the obstacles they face regarding fundraising and partnerships. I had the opportunity to discuss a mutually beneficial solution with some of their tenured staff. The idea is to help … More Cross-Sector Partnerships – Airlines & Red Cross

Letter of Intention

Dear Client,   Being an athlete for over 20 years has its perks. I’ve spent a great deal of time putting my mind, body, and spirit to the test. I have deconstructed my habits of success. I want to teach you how to apply an athletic mindset to the corporate world! I want to set … More Letter of Intention