Have you ever heard of the phrase KISS? It stands for “Keep It Simply Silly.” Over the years, I noticed that people were coming to me for solutions to simplify processes. I have helped people in personal and professional settings. Wouldn’t it be great to work smart rather than work hard?

Let me help you optimise your process. Let me identify your business blind spots. Allow me to give you an outside perspective for engagement. My talent for streamlining processes is how I made myself valuable in the corporate world. I’ve listed some of my favorite objectives below.

  • Noble Group – monthly KPI to find areas within the organisation to reduce costs (equivalent to my annual salary).
  • Golden Agri-Resources – harmonize local efforts & international reputation
  • BOPHUB – build relations between Mexico & Singapore
  • Odyssey Publications – harmonise projects & create new revenue channels
  • DrBeeKeeper – increase online presence
  • – build partnerships
  • GCP Foundation – build partnerships

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“We appreciate your help in an area we were struggling with. You made it really easy to understand how to improve our social media. From the moment you started we could see the positive impact and we now feel we can keep this going. Thanks! :)” – DrBeeKeeper (London)

“Jess and I worked together on a few projects at Noble: GSM (annual senior management meeting) and Concur (global system rollout). She was always available when needed and was a great source of support for those of us in the regional offices. She made my job a lot easier on many occasions! Jess is committed and has a relentless ‘can-do’ attitude. She also has hidden talent of convincing people of WHY something needs to be done, resulting in a better outcome. Her work ethic and passion are truly contagious!” – Ryan (USA)

“Jessica is focused on achieving objectives, creative thinking, problem-solving, and she very professional. We have worked together in several workshops with the objective to simplify work flow and increase capacities. Also through our participation in the ChinaPlas and other major exhibitions around the world, Jessica was the champion of materializing proper appearance in front of our customer. It is a pleasure to work with a team player with devotion to ethical values and success.” – Wael (Saudi Arabia)