Collaborative Growth Connector

Over the years, I have noticed two main hurdles with shared value. 1. ears shut when money is discussed and 2. private & public sectors use different terms for the same thing (shared value, tri-sector collaborations, social impact, partnerships, conscious business, intrapreneur, and new buzzword). These two challenges provide a fantastic opportunity for me! I am able to start a conversation, identify the common goal, and create a space for collaborative growth to take place. I ONLY focus on mutually beneficial collaborations. Productive (and sustainable) conversations require integrity, growth mindset and ability share a common goal. I plant seeds and bring non-conventional stakeholders together.

Some notable connections between corporates, NGO and government sectors:

  • BOPHUB (Singapore) & Social Development (Mexico)  – solutions on food
  • Daughters of Tomorrow (Singapore) & Single Mother (Singapore) – ambassador
  • SMU (Singapore) & UCI (Costa Rica) – curriculum for environment (regeneration)
  • American Red Cross – pitched ideas for sustainable partnerships with airlines
  • Mining Companies – pitched ideas for partnerships in water desalination
  • Tech companies – pitched ideas for metrics for social/environmental impact

Where do these connections happen? My constantly expanding network, events or Think Tanks. 

If you struggle to connect with people at events, lack post-event follow up or need someone to look after your VIP clients. I’m here to help! Tell me your needs and I’ll attend the event with you or on your behalf. I will facilitate the right conversations allowing you to achieve your personal or corporate goals. Consider me your secret weapon wing-woman!

Experience: Singapore Formula 1, London Olympics, Hong Kong Rugby 7s, China Trade Shows & Conventions, Mexico BOPHUB Conference

YES! I need your help!


“Jessica is one of the “new” types of professionals the world needs to move forward to a new paradigm for development. We need equity, economic but more importantly social. We need democracy, not the electoral type, the one where people plan their future and actively participate in shaping it. We need partnerships and dialogue to promote holistic approaches to solve complex problems like global change, climate change, poverty, violence. To move society from a maximum “I” to a maximum “we”, we are in urgent need of game-changers, social leaders, entrepreneurs, people who put their face up to face difficult challenges. This is what describes Jessica, she has the talent, the energy and the charm needed to bring people together, to look beyond the horizon and this week’s calendar, to think ahead of many others. A true fighter, an “iron-woman”, the real type. I wish we had many other Jessicas, I’m sure the world would be a better place.” – Eduard (Costa Rica)

“Jess is a consummate professional and team player. I had the privilege of meeting and collaborating with her while I facilitated a working group at an international conference in Mexico City – the 2015 Bottom of the Pyramid World Convention & Expo. I was immediately impressed by her style, intelligence, and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. I was also impressed by her inspirational approach – always motivating those around her to improve and grow. She’s also deeply caring – always encouraging her colleagues during difficult challenges. Simply put, Jess is one of the most capable, dedicated, and talented people I have had the opportunity to collaborate with. I know she will continue to accomplish great things in her life and professional career.” – Michael (USA)

“I worked with Jessica for several years and have always been impressed with her work ethic and ability to execute complicated tasks on time and under budget. She has managed events that included hundreds of people from all corners of the globe, and every aspect of the event went off without a hitch. Her positive attitude and relentless striving for perfection made her a pleasure to work with.” – Chris (USA)

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the immense amount of personal effort and initiative you took to make our stay and arrangements as comfortable as possible. It was a pleasure meeting and getting to know all of you during the convention. Hopefully, we can keep the energy of engagement alive!” – Kshama (India)

“Your attentiveness and positive energy was greatly appreciated.  A true pleasure to work with you and the team.” – Stu (USA)

“I met Jessica while working for her on one of her business events. She was a tornado, efficiently and energetically touching every aspect of the event, and setting high expectations of achievement for those around her. Since then I’ve got to know Jessica on a deeper level. Her focus, enthusiasm, and love of life are notable and inspire me. I don’t know anybody who sets their eyes so firmly on a goal. Watching her remind me that almost anything is possible.” – Brad (USA)