Jessica Corvo has a variety of interests and loves to empower others! She is the first grandchild on the Chinese side of the family. Her Chinese name, White Jade, is to respect the union of her parents. Father is Italian-American (White) and Mother is Chinese-American (Jade).

Jess has spent her life bringing people together, ideas to life and empowering others to greatness. She has been able to accomplish amazing things on a global scale by using her superpower, ability to lead with her heart. She is currently collaborating with people in 15 different countries, sharing ideas from the social sector into the corporate community and most importantly strategically coaching individuals for large-scale positive change.

Athletics has been a go-to for Jess over the last 20 years. She was a National level competitive collegiate sprinter, corporate dragon boat drummer, and competitive Ironman finisher. Jess finished her first Ironman in 12hrs18mins. Jess LOVES the great outdoors and is addicted to bettering herself every day.

Corporate experience has been paramount for balancing out Jess’ thinking. Over the last 10 years, Jess has worked directly with some of the most influential people in Asia, including Richard Elman of Noble Group, Franky Widjaja of Sinarmas and Jack Sim of World Toilet Organization. These have all offered valuable opportunities to see parts of the supply chain from corporate, government and social sector perspective. Jess’ talent of streamlining systems and soft skill approach of teaching people the WHY has been a huge part of her success. Building bridges is a talent (embraced as a challenge) to get two opposing sides to connect by sharing a common goal!

For additional insights, please check out LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook. Jess is fine tuning her public speaking skills and writing a book. You can follow her journey to becoming a published writer here.

Jess is super excited to meet new people! Kindly fill out the contact form.