Letter of Intention

Dear Client,


Being an athlete for over 20 years has its perks. I’ve spent a great deal of time putting my mind, body, and spirit to the test. I have deconstructed my habits of success. I want to teach you how to apply an athletic mindset to the corporate world! I want to set you up to visualize the “win” and crush your goals!

I’m specifically attracted to those who understand they are their biggest competitor! I enjoy the obsessive mindset for personal development! I will hold you to the same standard that I hold myself, excellence.

Just like the drummer in a Dragonboat, I will lead you to the finish line! (I’ll also teach you the importance of cheat meals, we will celebrate the mini-victories along the way)!

The purpose of our engagement is to empower you to dominate in all areas of your life, personal and professional.

I, Jessica Corvo, intend to give you the necessary tools to empower yourself for personal development. Everything shared is based on my own personal experience and what I feel will be helpful. Personal development is an on-going practice that needs to be used on a regular basis to maximize results.


I look forward to serving you.



Jessica Corvo


If you are willing to commit to the below, please get in touch so we can start your journey!

I, (insert YOUR name), intend to give an honest effort for personal development. I am seeking tools to hold myself accountable and open my mind to better understand ways to be the best version of me. I understand we are striving for progress, not perfection. I will do my best to give a consistent effort so I can achieve my personal goals.